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Our Story, Your Victory

Born out of a passion for justice in the workplace, Java Law is led by Nima Javaherian, an LA native and sought-after employment lawyer with unmatched expertise in employees’ rights.

Operating at the forefront of employment law in Los Angeles, we’ve come to realize that beyond the legalities, what our clients truly seek is a confidant. An employment attorney who can not only make light work of heavy legal complexities, but can also offer an empathetic ear.

Our mission? To make every client feel heard while ensuring a thoughtful, tailored approach to every case. Because at Java Law, we believe in not just winning cases but in winning trust.

Your Case: His Personal Mission

Meet Employment Attorney, Nima Javaherian.

Born and raised amidst the buzzing energy of Los Angeles, Nima’s journey into law began with a strong academic foundation. His undergraduate years at UCLA saw him graduate summa cum laude, with a major in psychology offering insights into human behavior that would later serve him well in the courtroom. This was just the beginning.

His pursuit of legal mastery led him to Harvard Law School, where he was exposed to the complexities and intricacies of the legal world. After graduation, he immersed himself in the professional realm, training at some of the nation’s most esteemed law firms.

Here, Nima honed his skills representing heavyweight clients, including private equity firms navigating mergers and acquisitions. His dedication to excellent legal work did not go unnoticed; he was recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising Star from 2019 to 2023, a testament to his talent and commitment.

However, a calling was evident. Nima felt a pull towards representing the individual – the employee facing discrimination, the worker wronged by their employer. He pivoted his career, channeling his expertise into employment law. 

Beyond his accolades, Nima’s approach sets him apart. He doesn’t just see a case; he sees the individual, their struggles, and their aspirations. This deep empathy, combined with his sharp legal acumen, ensures that his clients find in him not just a lawyer, but a confidant and advocate.

Outside of his professional realm, Nima’s love for Los Angeles shines through. An avid basketball player, he can often be found on local courts or enjoying the city’s vibrant restaurant scene, sharing these moments with his wife, Arielle.

Nima Javaherian Premier Employment Lawyer

Our Values

At the heart of Java Law lies a set of core values that guide every decision, every strategy, and every interaction.

We believe in the sanctity of trust, and it begins with unwavering transparency in all our dealings with our clients.
Every case, every strategy, meticulously planned, ensuring we're always several steps ahead.
Beyond legalities, we understand emotions, ensuring every client feels validated and supported.

Your success is our success.

Discover the stories of those we’ve stood beside, and understand why Java Law is the premier source for employment law services in LA.

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When it comes to employment law matters, you deserve nothing but the best. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or are ready to take a stand, Java Law is here to lend a listening ear and provide powerful legal support.

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